We cannot believe that we made it – crowdfunding £4.5k for three new amazing commissions from Gazelle Twin, Nwando Ebizie and Olivia Louvel. Keep an eye on our social media pages for announcements of our upcoming performances in 2020 of these fantastic pieces. Until then, we’d like to thank all of you who pledged:

Chrissy Kinsella, Frances and Lester, Stef Conner, CN Lester, Matthew Butt, Judith Robinson, Penny Jackson, Teresa & Stewart Molyneux, Sam Belinfante, Susie York Skinner, Osnat Schmool, Howard Kistler
Imogen Allsopp, Joe Bates, Gina Oliver, Jill Davies, Chris Clark, Anna Meredith, Tam xo, Jonathan Ogara
Rowland Cotterill, Naomi Woo, Tsarzi, James Richards, Clare Sillitto, Hannah Gallyon, Elisabeth Brierley
Ron Hurt, Robin Haigh, Graham R, Guy, Anna & Dave Moloney, Ginny Page, Billy Nomates, Pippa Molyneux
Katy Skipwith, Britt Hvaal, Kathy Nicholson, Jessica Curry, Clare McCaldin, Ed Snow, Sarah Moloney
Brian Devine, Fenella Humphreys, Ben Gaunt, Moira Morrison, Christina, Jane and Pete, Stella King
Jan Scott, Ros, Janet Oates, Gwen Serena Hooper, Chris Waring, Richard Barnard, Zoltan Smith
Fiona Chen, Sheena Phillips, E & A, Harriet Wybor, Adam, Photography by Matthew James, Gail MacLeod
Iain Henderson, Sara Cubitt, Erin Carter, Rosie Middleton, Sarah Parkin, Paul Abram, Jack Morton
Leeds College of Music Elevate, Eleanor Ward, Elgiva Field, Emily Doolittle, Steve Johnson & John Miyasato!