A vibrant, ethereal and beautiful programme of contemporary classical pieces by composers such as Elisabeth Lutyens, Paul Robinson, Piers Hellawell and Gabriel Prokofiev as well as original pieces and arrangements by Juice.

It features a variety of stunning text settings including scientific observations of the fauna of Greenland, descriptions of semi-precious stones, mysterious folk ballads, riddles on water, poems on the Nordic  goddesses of fate and seductive lullabies from the Deep South.

Previous venues for this programme have included the Wigmore Hall, the Purcell Room, Queen’s College Chapel Cambridge and festivals such as the City of London Festival and the Deal Festival.

We consider this our ‘classics’ programme and many of the pieces feature on our debut, award winning and critically acclaimed album, ‘Songspin’.

“amazing razor-sharp tuning and purity of tone. Lutyens’ piece in particular was an amazing sustained piece of virtuosity, creating a vivid picture of a sea-voyage through ice and snow. It was astonishing to hear the three voices swoop from a high-spaced dissonant chord to an icy cluster, without the smallest wobble or uncertainty.” – The Daily Telegraph

“The range of this new young vocal trio is immense, their a cappella journeys on this debut album taking in everything from traditional folk to Berio-esque deconstruction, delivered with perfect pitch and an ear for the most apt harmony.” **** – The Independent

“to hear these a cappella voices…is to be transported to a very different and very exciting universe.” – The Times

“Eighteen immaculately achieved tracks…via folk song and avant garde, enchant and enthral.” – The Observer