‘Juice, the a cappella British women’s vocal trio, doesn’t sound quite like anything else; it is truly sui generis. Other music that its work at various times calls to mind include that of Meredith Monk (most strongly), Bobby McFerrin, Toby Twining, The Swingle Singers, Tuvan throat singers and the sweet harmonies of more traditional women’s folk ensembles. Their program is wonderfully diverse .no matter how demanding the music in the extremity of it range, the density of its harmonies, the eccentricities of its timbres, and the complexity of its rhythms, the singers make consistently beautiful sounds with astonishingly clean intonation. This could be a good starter album for fans of vocal music willing to venture out into the realm of new music; the human voice softens the effect of dissonance more than any other instrument, and chords that might be jarring if heard played by a piano or a choir of clarinets can have a cushiony warmth when sung in tune and with lovely tone quality, as they are here. As with most of Nonclassical label’s releases, several tracks are devoted to inventive remixes of some of the pieces. The sound is clean, detailed, and realistic.’ **** – AllMusic

‘The irrepressible Juice Vocal Ensemble – an all-female trio of astonishing variety, spark and brilliance – is proof that the sap is still rising in classical music. They may not seek comparison with the Swingles or King’s Singers, but that, and mention perhaps of Meredith Monk, helps gives an idea of their inventive sound-world. This is their debut CD. Eighteen immaculately achieved tracks..folk song and avant garde, enchant and enthrall..Small-label CDs such as this tend to get lost. Seek it out.’  – The Observer

‘The range of this new young vocal trio is immense, their a cappella journeys on this debut album taking in everything from traditional folk to Berio-esque deconstructions, delivered with perfect pitch and an ear for the most apt harmony.’ **** – The Independent

Sassy, vibrant and enthralling, Juice Vocal Ensemble possess more than enough rocket fuel in their vocal chords to transport listeners. Spirited imagination runs riot on this sparkling debut album..pinpoint accuracy on toning and tuning is a big plus, but some wise song selections also help keep you hooked Songspin is a refreshing, innovative and delightful affair. Hopefully we’ll get to experience a live Irish show in the not-too-distant future.’ **** – The Irish Times

‘It’s all quite fruity! If anyone is looking for something a bit different, it’s worth a punt.’ –Paul Mealor, BBC Music Magazine

‘Bringing art music forward to a hip, modern sensibility Despite arrangements that are incredibly complex and vocally demanding, their delivery is crystal clear, clean and precise..With the use of breath, sighs, sonorous and dissonant harmonies, these women demonstrate how the primal resonance of the human voice has the ability to shape (or even bend) our psyches They end off the recording with seven playful, quirky remixes; having already taken the listener to the edge, they then extend far beyond.’ – The Whole Note, Canada

‘Spanning simple folk songs to post-postmodern DJ-style remixes, it is hard not to get caught up in the eclectic smorgasbord on offer. The performers themselves carry it all with consummate musicianship. Recommended.’ –CompositionToday

‘very modern, savvy interpretation..complementary and often compelling remixes’ –Muso