‘Put a folksy singer and an experimental female vocal trio together in a room in West Yorkshire for a few hours, and the result is as fascinating as it is unconventional thanks to the input of the Juice Vocal Ensemble, every track is a soundscape unique to itself, from the beatbox gospel-swing of Been A While, to the cathedral polyphonic glories of The Promise, to the salt-shaker percussive effect of Yorkshire Fog. Sometimes it’s as if the songs have been written, then broken into their component parts to lie, glittering, across the running time.’ – The Herald, Scotland

‘a fine new album of profound and sometimes disturbing lo-fi’ – Louderthanwar.com

‘beat boxing, acoustic guitar loops, whistling and handclaps give added texture to the ten songs on this fine album but it is the vibrant backing of the Juice Vocal Ensemble that adds the freshest elements’ – whisperinandhollerin.com

‘David and the Juice offer only themselves, and vistas into the world as it is, as it always was. It’s a great, wide world that many tender young artists will never know, walled in as they are by their buzzing social networks and their record collections. But the way that David brings the world to us, the way the Juice color in the details – surely this is art.’ – goldflakepaint.co.uk

‘Sliding the Same Way makes for a deceptively easy first listen, and Broughton’s thick crooning could lead you to think he’s performing a pastiche, or trying to lull you. But sit with this album, ideally with lyrics in hand, and you will find that David Thomas Broughton and Juice Vocal Ensemble have captured the richness of life and death in a way that is both sincere and ridiculous, and therefore honest. This album will not coddle you, but it also will not make a spectacle out of the roughness of life if you engage, you’ll find damp, rotting, layers to dig through.’ – soundblab.com