“On a damp Friday January afternoon when the minds of most 7-10 year olds are thinking of the week-end, Juice set ears tingling and fingers snapping  with their interactive concert for over 200 KS2 pupils.”
Coleham Primary School, Shrewsbury

“The children responded very enthusiastically and were excited about the work. They loved the concert – different angle on singing! It was a good experience for our special school pupils and good to meet new people.”
Special School Performance & Workshops

Juice are passionate educators, regularly running workshops in ensemble singing, contemporary vocal repertoire and composition.

Recent projects include:

  • Coaching the many a cappella groups at Wesleyan University, Connecticut
  • Compositional workshops with students from York University who have written us pieces which we then workshop, perform and record
  • Running a 2-hour singing workshop of contemporary pieces containing vocal & body percussion for passionate amateurs at the Narbeth A Cappella Festival, culminating in a performance to other festival go-ers
  • Helping young adults aged 14-18 write their own vocal compositions and improvise group pieces

education2Through the work that we did for the fantastic organisation Live Music Now! we’ve performed in community venues, schools, care homes and hospitals as much as we have in concert halls.

Projects included:

  • Song writing and singing for adults with cognitive, emotional and physical disabilities
  • Performing for senior citizens in day centres
  • Music career talk for GCSE and A Level students;
  • Performing at the bedsides of children receiving medical care
  • Composing and improvising with young people during their half term in their village hall.

Juice have been ensemble-in-residence at the Universities of York, Newcastle and Ulster. They’ve also worked for Leeds College of Music, Junior Trinity College of Music, University of Leicester, University of Liverpool, University of Hull, Royal Holloway, University of Cardiff, Aldeburgh Young Musicians, Queen’s University Belfast, Sound and Music Summer School, Sound Scotland, Handel House & the RNIB.

We very often run workshops alongside concerts and can cater for any age group. If you have an inventive idea for a creative educational project, please do get in touch!